A few comments on Taking Mechanical Engineering as a Career and Future jobs in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a good choice.

Electrical engineering and “software engineering” are stagnant thanks to offshoring and H1-B visas.

Pretty much all engineering will provide a stable income. Some make more than others, and some are more in demand, but you generally can’t go wrong with engineering. You have to work hard though, because none of it is easy. In my opinion, mechanical engineering is the best, but I’m biased because that’s what I’m studying. Literally every industry has the need for mechanical engineers.

For the career I want it is very important that I be an outstanding decision maker and quick problem solver. I already have an interest in mechanical things and was thinking of majoring in Mechanical Engineering? Will this major help me to gain these skills or would a different engineering major help more?
I believe the ability to think logically and solve problems is more of an inherited trait. It is much like the ability to sing on key or play a sport well.

Studying any type of engineering certainly provides additional skills to understand and solve technical problems. It also helps in organizing your thoughts but you must have that basic inherited ability to begin with.

The choice of a specific engineering discipline not critical other than you will certainly do better if it is one you are good at and enjoy.

Engineering will help develop your thinking and problem solving skills. But I think being a good problem solver is what makes you a good engineer. There is a certain way the natural engineers think, it is different than non-engineers (just ask our spouses).
major in mechanical engineering will no doubt improve ur problem solving skills in thermodynamics, hydraulics and upto some extent in mechanics also but i don’t think they will teach u how to become a good thinker because we don’t opt for engineering to become thinkers or philosophers

if gud thinking means to get new ideas then buddy that depends on you and ur mind and not engineering..

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