B.Tech. Bio-Technology-Question Papers-3rd Year

Inorder to help students of B.Tech. Bio-Technology to prepare examinations depending on the question bank,it makes them relieve of the tensions faced in the examination.Below is the 3rd Year Question Papers

No. Subject Code Name

1.GE1301 Professional Ethics & Human values-Question Bank

2.BT1301 Enzyme Engg. & Technology-Question Bank

3.BT1302 Biochemistry II-Question Bank

4.BT1303 Bioprocess Principles-Question Bank

5.BT1304 Mass Transfer operations-Question Bank

6.BT1305 Genetic Engineering-Question Bank

1.BT1351 Bio informatics-Question Bank-Question Bank

2.BT1352 Chemical Reaction Engineering-Question Bank

3.BT1353 Bioprocess Engineering-Question Bank

4.BT1354 Protein Engineering-Question Bank

5.BT1001 Environmental Biotechnology-Question Bank

6.BT1014 Molecular Pathogenesis-Question Bank

7.BT1006 Principles of Food Processing-Question Bank

8.BT1009 Cancer Biology-Question Bank

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