B.E. Mechanical Engineering-Question Papers-2ND Year

Inorder to help students of B.E. Mechanical Engineering to prepare examinations depending on the question bank,it makes them relieve of the tensions faced in the examination.Below is the 2ND Year Question Papers
No. Subject Code Name
1 MA2211
Transforms And Partial Differential Equation — QUESTION BANK

2 ME2201
Manufacturing Technology – I — QUESTION BANK

3 ME2202
Engineering Thermodynamics– QUESTION BANK
4 ME2203
Kinematics of Machinery — QUESTION BANK

5 ME2204
Fluid Mechanics and Machinery– QUESTION BANK

6 ME2205
Electrical Drives and Control– QUESTION BANK

1 MA2266 Statistics and Numerical Methods — QUESTION BANK
2 ME2251 Heat and Mass Transfer — QUESTION BANK
3 ME2252 Manufacturing Technology – II — QUESTION BANK
4 ME2253 Engineering Materials & Metallurgy– QUESTION BANK
5 ME2254 Strength of Materials — QUESTION BANK
6 ME2255 Electronics and Microprocessor — QUESTION BANK

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