TAMIL NADU ENGINEERING ADMISSIONS 2010-4496 Applications Sold on 08-05-10:Annauniversity TNEA Application Sold Gets reduced

Annauniversity has officially announced that the no of application for TNEA 2010 sold has reached 148539 as of the date 08.05.2010 upto 5.00 p.m.The Normal rate of apllication sold has really come donw as on 08-05-10 the no of application sold on this day alone is ver low its just 4496 application as of the date collected at 5 pm on 08-05-10.In a Normal count the number of application sold on the first day 03.05.2010 was 63,800 gradually it got decreased to 30,000 and 25,000 and now on a stats basis each day 10,000 aplication are getting sold by anna university.The Last Date for Issue of Application (In person) and online will be on 29.05.2010.It is expected to reach atleast 5 Lakhs that is no of applications sold at the end of 29.05.2010.The Last Date for Submission of filled-in application 31.05.2010 (5.30 p.m.) for TNEA 2010.

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