B.E. Electrical & Electronics Engineering-Question Papers-4 th Year

Inorder to help students of B.E. Electrical & Electronics Engineering to prepare examinations depending on the question bank,it makes them relieve of the tensions faced in the examination.Below is the 4th Year Question Papers
No. Subject Code Name
1 EE1401
Power System Operation and Control– QUESTION BANK
2 EE1402
High Voltage Engineering– QUESTION BANK
3 EE1403
Design of Electrical Apparatus– QUESTION BANK

4 GE1301 Professional Ethics and Human Values — QUESTION BANK
4 EE1001
Special Electrical Machines– QUESTION BANK
5 EI1351
Bio-Medical Instrumentation– QUESTION BANK

6 EI1001
Fibre Optics and Laser Instruments– QUESTION BANK

1 EE1451
Electric Energy Generation, Utilization and Conservation– QUESTION BANK

2 EE1003
Power System Transients– QUESTION BANK

3 EC1451
Mobile Communication– QUESTION BANK

4 EC1461

5 IC1403
Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Control– QUESTION BANK

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