B.E. Electrical & Electronics Engineering-Question Papers-2nd Year

Inorder to help students of B.E. Electrical & Electronics Engineering to prepare examinations depending on the question bank,it makes them relieve of the tensions faced in the examination.Below is the 2nd Year Question Papers

No. Subject Code Name
1 MA2211 Transforms and Partial Differential Equations-QuQuestion Bank

2 EE2201 Measurements & Instrumentation-Question Bank

3 EE2202 Electromagnetic Theory-Question Bank

4 GE2211 Environmental Science and Engineering-Question Bank

5 EE2203 Electronic Devices & Circuits-Question Bank

6 EE2204 Data Structures and Algorithms-Question Bank

1 MA2264 Numerical Methods-Question Bank

2 EE2251 Electrical Machines – I-Question Bank

3 EE2252 Power Plant Engineering-Question Bank

4 EE2253 Control Systems-Question Bank

5 EE2254 Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications-Question Bank

6 EE2255 Digital Logic Circuits-Question Bank

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