The Nilgiris District Engineering Colleges List-Engineering Career in the Queen of Hills.

Many students wish to pursue thier Engineering Career in the Queen of Hills.

Nilgiris is the best place for living as there is cool climate and mixed air which gives free air and sense of Jammu and Kashmir.

CSI college of Engineering in Ketti ,Nilgiris District is the College where students can get best of education and environment.It is a cool place with hills surrounded by there is no hot Climate.To know more about CSI college of Engineering.Click Show me CSI Engineering College.</strong>

The list of Colleges Affliated to Anna university in Nilgiris District is mentioned below.

701 C.S.I College of Engineering

Ketti, The Nilgiris – 643 215. 0423 2517474

2 702 Mc.Gan’s Ooty School of Architecture

Summer House, 204, Summer House Road,

The Nilgiris – 643 001.

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