BIO-TECHNOLOGY -Opportunities in India and Abroad-Why To take Bio-Technology.

Many students after finishing higher secondary school examination think of taking a different field where we can explore opportunities they think bio-Technology is one of the fields providing the same,and thinking about the colleges which offer Bio-technology course in india,it is in less number of colleges but the value of the course is explorable.So what is Bio-Technology and what are the prospectives of Bio-Technology and the career aspects of Bio-technology ,job opportunities in various parts of india and abroad.Lesson plan in Bio-technology so after going through the below documentry students will know why Bio-Technology.It is a multi disciplinary field covering Cell & Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering, Bio-process, Plant Biotech, Animal Biotech, Bio-Pharmaceuticals, Bio-informatics and the important area of Chemical Engineering will be covered in this under graduate course.

By seeing the subject its very clear the students can be getting a job apart from the higher studies in the fields of Agriculture, Foodscience, Industrial Enzymes & Bio-polymers, Bio-Pharmaceutical & Genomics Proteinomics.

On the Biotechnological aspect he can say that the 1st century of the new millennium will belong not only to communication or information technologies but also to Bio-Technology. This field will bring in procedented advances in human & animal health agriculture and food production, manufacturing & sustainable environmental management.
The primary aim of modern biotechnology is to make a living cell perform a specific useful task in a predictable and controllable way. The task could be to ferment sugar, to make alcohol, or produce a substance that makes flowers red, or a chemical that will help fight a bacterial infection. Department of Biotechnology provides a strong foundation which can lead students to both industry as well as research / academia. Apart from having a good and experienced faculty, the department has established well equipped state-of-the-art laboratories having facilities for plant cell and tissue cultures, microbial cultures, molecular biological techniques, biochemical techniques, animal cell culture and immunological techniques commensurate with the present day demands.

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