TNEA Rank List Calculation Method for Sorting Students in Counselling by Annauniversity

TNEA Rank List preparation for Counselling in Anna University,is a big question among students after finishing the higher secondary school examination.
Inorder to assist students to calculate rank list of TNEA Counselling the selection criteria preparation the below post is published.Many students are also concerned about the role of Random Number in Counselling ,while many students don’t know what is RANDOM NUMBER.This post serves to clear these doubts of all Students who finished the Higher Secondary school examination and waiting for counselling.

CALCULATION OF CUTOFF by Annauniversity:

Method by which CUTOFF is calculated ,this needs to be know by all students.

Cut-Off=(M/2+P/4+C/4) where M,P,C are marks obtained in Maths, Physics and Chemistry respectively.The Cut-off is out of a total of 200 marks.

Criteria to Break the Tie in Cut-Off by Annauniversity

Since the cutoffs are in incrementals of 0.25 marks only, it is natural that many people end up getting the same cutoffs. So how are they ranked in rank list? They are ranked based on a five point criteria to break the tie.

i) The candidate who has a higher score in Mathematics will be given the first preference.

ii) If the cut off as well as Mathematics score are same, then the Physics mark will be taken into consideration.

iii) If the above step also fails to break the tie, then the candidate’s fourth optional subject marks(Biology or computer science depending on the groups chosen) will be taken into account.

iv) If all these fail to break the tie, date of birth of candidate is taken into consideration, which means a candidate who is senior will be given priority.

v) As a final step, if the date of birth is also similar, then the computer picks up a Random Number(lots) and they are selected based upon this.

Based upon these , the rank list is prepared for TNEA counselling.

What is Random Number and what is its impact in the rank list.?

Random Number is a computer generated number which is similar to lots. These numbers will be allotted to different candidates few days in advance to the preparation of Rank list and would be made public. This is generated for very rare cases where the tie for cutoff exists even after all the four out of the five points listed above fail to break the tie.

The cases where Random Number are involved are very rare and so the impact of random number on the rank list is very minimal and nothing to be feared of.

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