GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR TRANSFER OF STUDENTS-Between Self Financing Engineering Colleges

Many students after finishing the Higher secondary school education think about thier medical conditions,family problems that arise or may arise between the course of studies.Inorder to relieve the fear from the students Annauniversity affliated Self Financing Engineering colleges and Government colleges have accepted transfer between colleges on certain conditions.Check below the Conditions as said by the director of Anna university.

CHENNAI – 600 025

(B.Sc., / PG Courses only)

1. Transfers are permitted between the self-financing (non-autonomous) affiliated Engineering Colleges.
2. Transfers from Govt./Govt. aided (non-autonomous) colleges to self-financing (non-autonomus) Engineering Colleges are permitted.
3. Transfers from one autonomous college to another autonomous college are not permitted.
4. Transfers from autonomous colleges to non-autonomous colleges and vice-versa are not permitted.
5. Transfers from self-financing Engineering Colleges to Govt./Govt. aided (non-autonomous) colleges are not permitted.
6. Transfer allowed (Sl.No.1&2) either in the beginning of
– 2nd / 3rd semester in case of full time M.E.,/M.Tech.,/M.Arch.,/MBA/ M.Sc.,(4 semesters) programmes.
– 2nd /3rd /4th semester in case of part time M.E / M.Tech. (3years/6semesters) programmes (applicable to Teacher candidates only)
– 2nd /3rd /4th semester in case of full time MCA (6 semesters) programme.
– 2nd /3rd /4th semester in case of B.Sc., (6 semesters) programme.
– 2nd /3rd /4th /5th /6th semester in case of M.Sc.,(10 semesters) programme.
7. The transfer application shall be considered only if both the Principals furnish their concurrence for the transfer.
8. Request for transfer to other college (Sl.No.1&2) will be considered
(i) on medical grounds
(ii) family circumstances warranting such transfers
(iii) availability of vacancy in such specialization in the colleges to which transfer is requested
(iv) by mutual agreement for such transfer by both the Institutions.
9. Change of specialization in PG programmes is not permitted while transfer is effected.
10. The Candidate seeking transfer should have successfully completed first semester of study in the college in which he was first admitted.
11. Mere forwarding of applications for transfer by the Principal with their consent does not confer any right and claim by the candidate for such transfer and the Registrar, Anna University, Chennai – 600 025 reserves the right to accept or reject or withhold such applications on administrative grounds without assigning any reasons thereon.
12. The candidate should continue his studies in the present college till the transfer order is issued.
13. The transfer of a candidate from one Engineering College to another, after an official break in study is subject to the time limit for the completion of the course prescribed in the relevant Regulation by the University.
14. Incase of transfer after break of study the student must undergo the course as per the Regulations in force at the time of transfer.
15. Students admitted in the transferred colleges will be governed by fee structure prevailing in that college in force at that time.
16. Transfer requested to various courses in colleges affiliated to Anna University by the students studying similar courses in other Universities are not generally considered.
However such transfers may be considered subject to approval of the course equivalence committee / Syndicate of Anna University as per rules in force from time to time.

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