B.Tech. Bio-Technology Department-Subjects-2010 Regulations

B.Tech. Bio-Technology
Many Students after finishing the higher Secondary School Education and after choosing the B.Tech. Bio-Technology Course are eager to know what would be the subjects they would study in the 1st year,2nd Year,3rd Year,4th Year.

The Subjects mentioned below are for Engineering Colleges Affliated to Anna university and For B.Tech. Bio-Technology as per 2010 Regulations.

1st Year
No. Subject Code Name
1 HS2111 Technical English – I
2 MA2111 Mathematics – I
3 PH2111 Engineering Physics – I
4 CY2111 Engineering Chemistry – I
5 GE2111 Engineering Graphics
6 GE2112 Fundamentals of Computing and Programming

1 HS2161 Technical English – II
2 MA2161 Mathematics – II
3 PH2161 Engineering Physics – II
4 CY2161 Engineering Chemistry – II
5 ME2151 Engineering Mechanics
6 GE2151 Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering

2nd Year

No. Subject Code Name
1 MA2211 Transforms and Partial Differential Equation

2 BT2204 Principles of Chemical Engineering

3 GE2211 Environmental science and Engineering

4 BT2201 Cell Biology

5 BT2202 Bioorganic Chemistry

6 BT2203 Biochemistry – I

1 BT2251 Basic Industrial Biotechnology

2 MA2263 Probability and Statistics

3 BT2252 Unit Operations

4 BT2253 Chemical Thermodynamics and Bio Thermodynamics

5 BT2254 Instrumental Methods of Analysis

6 BT2255 Microbiology

3rd Year

No. Subject Code Name
1 GE1301 Professional Ethics & Human values

2 BT1301 Enzyme Engg. & Technology

3 BT1302 Biochemistry II

4 BT1303 Bioprocess Principles

5 BT1304 Mass Transfer operations

6 BT1305 Genetic Engineering

1 BT1351 Bio informatics

2 BT1352 Chemical Reaction

3 BT1353 Bioprocess Engineering

4 BT1354 Protein Engineering

5 BT1001 Environmental Biotechnology

6 BT1014 Molecular Pathogenesis

7 BT1006 Principles of Food Processing

8 BT1009 Cancer Biology

4th Year

No. Subject Code Name

1 MG1351 Principles of Management

2 BT1401 Downstream processing

3 BT1402 Immunology

4 BT1002 Plant Biotechnology

5 BT1005 Animal Biotechnology

6 BT1010 Biopharmaceutical Technology

1 MG1401 Total Quality Management

2 BT1011 Immunotechnology

3 BT1017 Neurobiology & Cognitive Sciences

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